A Global Leader In The Asian Century

Manitowoc Foodservice offers the best-in-class global service, delivering healthy and safe food experiences to customers through its high quality, innovative products and systems

With the rising might of China and India in the world stage, in what is hailed as the “Asian Century”, Manitowoc Foodservice aspires to be the global leader in professional foodservice equipment and solutions.

In the past 70 years, Manitowoc Foodservice has been creating value for its customers by delivering the highest quality, innovative products and systems alongside the best-in-class global service in ensuring healthy and safe food experiences. With 24 strong brands specializing in the foodservice industry, Manitowoc’s worldwide distribution business model offers fast and easy access to the equipment you need, when and where needed to keep customers’ businesses running on peak performance.

Operating in 38 locations in 12 countries and serving customers across 100 countries around the globe, Manitowoc Foodservice manufactures the bulk of what is sold in Asia Pacific. The growth of the middle class has in turn enhanced the demand for products to be manufactured locally.

Manitowoc Foodservice also recognizes the need for local designs, be it in the adaptation of its current models or the production of new ones that suit local requirements. Now, the company has a technology centre in Hangzhou, China that focuses on the development of new products catering specifically to the Asia Pacific region.

Other initiatives undertaken by Manitowoc Foodservice include:

  • Integrating its local expertise into products designed for the Asian market with local production and services supported by local specialists.
  • Providing accessible equipment solutions to enable those in remote and less developed regions to cook and store food following the highest hygiene standards to avoid food wastage.
  • Adapting several innovative technologies to cater to the needs of millennials who demand smaller, faster and energy saving equipment. Their hectic lifestyle has resulted in strong demand for dine out and delivery services hence paving the way for greater growth and expansion in the Asia Pacific region for Manitowoc Foodservice’s innovative equipment and technology.

Cutting Edge Technology from Merrychef e2s
Bake, broil, roast, toast and even poach…that’s the multiple features of Merrychef e2s, the oven with the highest performance to footprint ratio. Imbued with the most cutting edge technology, the Merrychef e2s can cook food at 10 – 15 times faster than the speed of conventional cooking.

Imagine cooking up a rack of lamb in 2 minutes or a pizza in 3 minutes! This powerhouse of an oven is well suited to white cloth kitchens and perfect for convenience store operators branching out into foodservice – an increasingly popular trend in Asia in recent years.

Another contemporary process to address the challenges of multi-store operators in a holistic way is FitKitchen. Designed to reduce carbon footprint and the right size equipment to improve speed of service and food quality through new technology and products, FitKitchen (food inspired technology) is meant to flex a wider range of menu options delivered quickly while generating much higher revenue per square metre of kitchen space, at lower labour and utility costs. Best of all, it provides the means to meet and exceed customer’s expectation on quality and overall experience. All made possible by Manitowoc Foodservice – the proven global leader in professional foodservice equipment and systems.