Convotherm – The Versatile Kitchen Master

The professional kitchen expert strives for maximum versatility with over 40 years of advanced technology – check out the latest technology of the Convotherm 4 Combi Steamer

Versatility takes precedence in every possible way in a professional kitchen. It’s a dynamic element crucial to every business in the fastpaced and ever- changing industry. Versatility tops the requirement list when professional businesses invest a lot in kitchen equipment, in return for booming profits.

In today’s culinary industry, Convotherm strives for every possible versatile element when it comes to their kitchen products. With over 40 years of advanced technology, the Combi steamer technology has revolutionized everyday life in the professional kitchen; making its mark as an indispensable workhorse in many professional kitchens.

The Convotherm 4 Combi Steamer is the most versatile and flexible product today in Convotherm’s ranges of products. This kitchen hero offers a wide and comprehensive range of versatile cooking methods such as:

  • Convection
  • Steam
  • combi-steam
  • smoke
  • It also offers the simultaneous convenience of a self-cleaning system, HACCP recording and network communication for efficient and effective work operations.

    Uniquely, Convotherm 4 flagship functions feature:

  • Advanced Closed System+ (ACS+) – to ensure ultimate even cooking results with the highest yield; producing the freshest colours and texture; reducing cooking time and energy consumption; perfect steam saturation; automatic humidity adjustment in combi-steam mode; rapid and uniform heat transfer in convection mode and active control of air in and output.
  • Crisp&Tasty™ – Convotherm’s famous feature for crisp cooking results in minimum time with five levels of moisture control.
  • BakePro – 5 levels of traditional baking function. Frozen food can go from the freezer directly into the Convotherm 4, ensuring the most hygienic and space saving process.
  • HumidityPro – a manual control for adding 5 levels of extra moisture in combi-steam mode from 30°C for succulent cooking results and also ideal for keeping food warm over a long time.
  • 5-speed Fan – yields optimum results even with sensitive products such as pastry puffs.
  • ConvoSmoke – a fully integrated smoking processto allow chefs to smoke their ingredients without additional smoking device and timer.
  • The versatile kitchen master is renowned for saving costs through utilities, cleaning chemicals, labour and total cost of ownership (service, maintenance and repairs) while giving the chef the maximum room for true creativity in any direction. Convotherm is constantly searching for ways to improve the performance of the Combi Steamers while reducing the consumption of natural resources because “every watts counts”.

    With ever-changing food trends, it is essential and truly stunning that Convotherm Combi Steamers offer flexibility, versatility and room for creativity. The pre-programmed cooking profiles in the Convotherm 4 Combi Steamer produces various cuisines in the world which allows it to whip up a wide range of dishes from Hainanese chicken rice, ikan kembung asam pedas, and Bavarian pork knuckles to Indian idli and classic muffins in efficient and effective measures.

    The Convotherm technology guarantees the best possible cooking results for a star-rated Chef, a Hotel Banqueting operation with thousands of meals per day as well as a Quick Service Restaurant. It is a versatile kitchen hero in every possible way.