Farmers Union Greek Style Natural Yogurt harnesses the goodness of cream, milk and cultures to produce a rich, creamy and tasty yogurt with important nutrients. It is a natural source of protein and calcium.

Both Greek Style Light Yogurt and Greek Style Light with Honey have 60% less fat than Regular Greek Style Natural Yogurt. Natural Pot Set Yogurt is a European-style yogurt.

You could also add the Farmers Union Greek Style Natural Yogurt or Light Natural Yoghurt to salads, and in your cooking.

Grilled Beef Kebab and Prune

Note: Beef can be substituted with other meats of your choice.+

500g Beef tenderloin, cubed
200g Dried prunes
100g Green chillies
½ tbsp Salt
1 tbsp Black pepper powder
1 tbsp Coriander seed powder
1 tbsp Cajun powder
1 tbsp Oyster sauce
1 tbsp Famers Union Greek Style

Yogurt Cucumber Mint
½ cup Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt
30g Cucumber, seeded and diced
10g Mint leaves, chopped
5g Shallots, thinly sliced
A pinch of salt
1. Marinate beef cubes with salt, black pepper,coriander seed powder, Cajun powder and oyster sauce.
2. Add in Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt and keep in chiller for an hour.
3. Skewer the marinated beef cubes together with the dried prunes and green chillies in an alternating pattern to form a kebab.
4. Grill or sear the kebab for a few minutes on each side till well done.
5. For the Yogurt Cucumber Mint, mix all the ingredients till well combined.