Increase Productivity With Versatile Australian Non-loin Beef And Lamb Cuts



Chef Mohammad Hashrul bin Sehwan
Executive Sous Chef
Hilton Kuala Lumpur


Beef rump, brisket, knuckle and short rib of beef are some of the non-loin cuts used by Executive Sous Chef of Hilton Kuala Lumpur Mohammad Hashrul bin Sehwan since 2007.

“I used non-loin cuts mostly for Banquet dishes,” says Chef Mohd Hasrul. “It started when our customers became increasingly concerned about their budget constraints on menu selections for their events.”

The chef continues, “Non-loin cuts still have the richness in flavour and pose a challenge to chefs in using their creativity and in getting the ideal taste into their menu creations. In addition, chefs using non-loin cuts need to have a good grounding, to achieve that perfect taste, texture and colour. Temperature is one of the key factors in the cooking of nonloin cuts.

“Non-loin cuts also reduce the cost of manpower but increase productivity. Currently, we use them for set menus’ main courses and the buffet spread in our daily banquet operation. We find non-loin cuts are perfect for Asian and International cuisine as they simplify the operational workload in banquet and outside catering. Using the ‘sous vide’ cooking method, we marinate the non-loin cuts collectively with herbs in vacuum bags to achieve good results and strong flavour.”

According to Chef Mohd Hasrul, non-loin cuts score highly on the following attributes:

Rump tenderness is perfect when the ‘sous vide’ or slowcooking method is applied. Grill or sear it afterwards to achieve that perfect doneness.

Non-loin cuts have hearty texture with a rich and beefy taste. Wonderfully lean, these cut of steaks are full of deep meaty flavour.

Using the ‘sous vide’ method always gives a 100% consistent colour on the whole surface of the meat even after light searing or grilling.

Cost Effectiveness
Low cost and high profit margin without jeopardising the quality is the main concern for chefs. Depending on the chefs’ creativity level, non-loin cuts will increase their productivity with minimum manpower employed.


Chef Alfithri bin
Shah Albakri
Executive Chef
Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur


Executive Chef of Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur Chef Alfithri bin Shah Albakri has been using non-loin beef and lamb cuts since 2010.

“Todate, I have used lamb rump, lamb ribs and lamb chump. For non-loin beef cuts, I am using oyster blade, shank and point-end brisket. We were attracted to use non-loin cuts as they have more flavour and different texture,” says Chef Alfithri.

“The non-loin cuts are versatile too – they can be used for modern European and Middle Eastern cuisine such as Kofta, Barbecued Brisket, Braised Ribs, Goulash and Beef Bourguignon.”

Chef Alfithri also advises on the use of ‘sous vide’ technique and precise cooking temperature control to ensure juicier taste with more tenderness and perfect doneness. “It helps to maintain the non-loin cuts’ colour and flavour.”