How To Cut And Cook Wagyu Beef

Calvin Gung, meat specialist from Meat & Livestock Australia, shares cutting and cooking tips on Australian Wagyu Beef.
Premium beef like the Australian Blackmore Wagyu beef demands a special way of handling and cooking it. Calvin Gung, Senior Technical Consultant with Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), shares the best way to do this.

Technique in Cutting Wagyu Beef
You have to be fast when cutting wagyu beef. If you take too long, the fat in the marbling will melt. Wagyu beef is high-cost beef and you must be careful and fast.

Cut across the meat grain because of the small tendons in it. All the small tendons, sinew and connective tissue must be removed so that the meat will be tenderer.

If you are handling a big piece of Wagyu, separate all the parts of a primal regardless of the cut such as striploin, D-rump, etc, or if you want it sliced or for stir-frying.

How to store Wagyu Beef
Wagyu beef has high marbling. When you store it in the chiller, put the meat with the fat face up. The temperature for storage must be at -1 or 0⁰C. Remove the carton first before putting into the chiller. This is because the meat carton is thick and air cannot penetrate through.

This is a very important point to remember. As Wagyu beef has higher fat content, the meat can go bad quickly.

Cooking Wagyu Beef
There are many ways to cook Wagyu beef. Because of the high marbling, Wagyu beef is not suitable for long cooking.

Wagyu beef is best to be cooked quickly and served. You can do a Wagyu Carpaccio or grill it. It’s good for Western or Asian cooking. But it is not suitable for stews as it is a soft meat, depending on the cut.

Wagyu beef is good for Shabu Shabu, Yakiniku, Teppanyaki and Steamboat. Wagyu beef steaks can be grilled or barbecued, medium to medium rare.

It doesn’t need much seasoning. Just salt is enough because the meat is very flavoursome.

The right way to enjoy Wagyu Beef
Grill the Wagyu beef first without any seasoning and put on a plate to rest for 2 mniutes. Put some salt on the side of the plate, slice the meat and dip it lightly in salt or serve it with Japanese Shoyu.

In the way you will get the natural flavor of Wagyu beef.