Chefs Learn Classical Indonesian Cuisine To Beef Up Their Menus

Renowned Indonesian Executive Chef Stefu Santoso taught a Professional Course on all aspects of Indonesian cuisine at the Beyond Culinary Studio recently. He also hosted a Chef’s Table for select diners.

Chef Stefu Santoso, who is considered one of Indonesia’s best chefs, was at Beyond Culinary Studio recently to conduct a Professional Course on Classical Indonesian Cuisine. The Executive Chef of APREZ Catering and Amuz Group back in Jakarta, Stefu is a much sought-after speaker, trainer and judge.

The Professional Course at Beyond Culinary explored the regional cuisine of Indonesia, understanding of unique ingredients from source to plate, how to achieve authentic taste and flavour, favourite and popular dishes including beef, lamb, rice and other staples among others.

Chef Stefu taught three classical Indonesian recipes for a hands-on session with the chefs – Sate Maranggi, Kambing Guling and Daging Asam Padeh and they had lunch on those dishes. They also got to know techniques on low temperature cooking from Stefu.

The chefs learnt about the different spice pastes of Indonesian cuisine, roasting Australian lamb leg instead of a whole goat as in Kambing Guling, using Australian beef brisket/ribeye for Sate Maranggi and Australian beef shank in Asam Padeh.

Chef Stefu and his team also hosted a five-course private dinner at Beyond Culinary after the Professional Course. He wowed diners with an amuse bouche of Emping, shrimp and cassava crackers with Sambal Terasi and Sambal Matah, an appetiser of Sate Maranggi, Sup Kambing Betawi, Daging Asam Padeh, Kambing Guling or Roast Lamb Leg and an exquisite dessert of Sentiling, made with cassava, coconut and gulamelaka.

Diners also got to taste Bir Pletok from Betawi (Jakarta), a drink with ginger, cloves, lemongrass, cinnamon and kayusecang.

Impressed diners want a repeat performance; his Professional course has got even non-chefs interested.

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