Innovate Your Menu and Manage Your Food Costs with Australian Beef and Lamb Non-Loin Cuts

Chilled non-loin cuts of beef and lamb can work wonders for your food costs in both Western and Asian dishes

All you need to do is to explore these cuts, learn how their muscles are different and get down to finding the ‘gold nugget’ in them. For instance, the rump or D-rump is not just one muscle, but a bundle of several interwoven muscles with the ‘grain’ running in various directions. If you cut this meat cut with the grains or along the grains, it will provide a less than superior eating quality steak. However, if you break the d-rump or rump down into its various muscles before cooking (and cut across the grains), you will reveal the ‘gold nugget’ such as the eye of rump. When separated, it becomes a versatile muscle with good eating quality above expectations, but only at a fiction of the cost.

Banqueting Innovation

Meat & Livestock Australia has shared these meaty ideas in several areas and activities. In Banqueting, these cuts work wonders for all types of cuisine. Chef Richmond Lim saved 50% on his food costs by converting to non-loin beef cuts like chilled D-rump and blade. He shared his findings and cooking techniques with Executive Chefs and Banqueting Chefs in MLA’s Banqueting Innovation Workshop.

FHA Going for Gold
More than 50 participants of Class 12 and 13 of the Culinary Competitions in the Food Hotel Asia 2016 gained a lot from the ‘Going for Gold’ Australian meat workshop, where the finer techniques of scoring points for beef and lamb dishes in culinary competitions were shared. In the same workshop, pertinent techniques on preparation, cutting and cooking of Australian nonloin beef and lamb cuts were demonstrated to ensure meat tenderness, texture, flavour and colour. The cuts worked very well as the outcome from participants were interestingly different but positive. According to one of the international judges, Chef Vincent Tan, the lamb chump tasted very tender and presented well in Western cuisine presentation.

Myanmar Chefs Signature Recipes Development
About 14 Myanmar Chefs participated in an interactive Signature recipe development programme in April this year. They learned how easy it was to develop interesting and new recipes with local flavours using the quality non-loin beef and lamb cuts. Hence in terms of taste and texture, the meat cuts succeeded in meeting their expectations.

MAAC Cook On
On the retail scene, a group of high profile and dynamic ladies who are members of the Malaysian Australian Alumni Council (MAAC) enjoyed an afternoon of fun and knowledge, cooking a restaurant-standard beef steak and lamb salad at the InterContinental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur recently. The Hotel’s Executive Chef Sam Kung gave useful tips and ideas on how they should handle the ‘gold nugget’ of a beef D-rump in the easiest and fastest preparation and cooking methods that wowed the participants. The ladies were surprised by the meat taste and tenderness of their own dishes, and were delighted to know they could buy quality non-loin beef and lamb cuts from major supermarkets and hypermarkets in town. If you are keen to learn the finer cutting and cooking techniques using quality nonloin Australian beef and lamb cuts to innovate your restaurant menu, you can attend one of our forthcoming training workshops. Please express your interest to attend by emailing us