If you are a Chef, step up your skills by learning about Sous Vide Cooking and Nutrition for Special Diet Meals at Beyond Culinary.

In two Professional Courses at Beyond Culinary recently, chefs honed their skills on Sous Vide Cooking under Chef Trainer Victor Siow, and learnt about Developing Special Diets for Customers under consultant dietitian Indra Balaratnam.

In the Professional Course on Sous Vide Cooking Techniques for Chefs, Chef Victor taught 16 chefs what sous vide cooking is, techniques and processes, temperature control and timing, what products are suitable for sous vide and their shelf life, among others.

He showed not only how sous vide can improve the flavour, texture and shelf life of beef, lamb, chicken and salmon, he also shared practical solutions and beneficial applications.  There was also a hands-on session where the chefs did a Roasted Lamb Rack, Seared Flat Iron Steak and watermelon to name a few.

The highlight was how they can achieve tender steaks consistently that are easy to prepare in advance and cook/serve on demand – this is exactly what is needed in a restaurant.

The tasting sessions with sous vide beef brisket, beef cheek, back ribs, lamb shank and even potato, carrot and watermelon were one of the highlights of the course where the participants learnt how they can achieve the desired results according to different customer needs. They also learnt the finer tips on the functions of the sous vide equipment and how to overcome challenges in this cooking technique.

It was everything chefs wanted to know about sous vide cooking, and they learnt it in detail from Chef Victor, who is the owner of Las Carretas Mexican Restaurant & Bar in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

Another Professional training course at Beyond Culinary recently was “Developing Special Diets for Customers”, conducted by consultant dietitian Indra Balaratnam.

Chefs at the course learnt about nutrition, understanding ingredients for healthy menu as well as menus requiring special diets. She also shared tips on how to handle customers’ concern and requirements related to special diets including reading product labels and working out the nutritional measurements from a label.  There was also a hands-on session, cooking and tasting a healthy meat and pasta dish, and an easy dessert for special diets.

Beyond Culinary provides unique professional courses that are practical to upskill chefs and retailers. The course fees are claimable under HRDF (Human Resource Development Fund).  The training which usually entails hands-on experience is carried out in a commercially applicable kitchen studio.  If you are keen on the professional courses, do send us an email at info@beyondculinary.com